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Business Services

DCH Export Corporation – With its high potential to serve customers, it covers all the processes of a business operation in the best possible way, including:

1- Export:

Export Markets Recognition Services:

The most important services are based on the recognition of those business services that are mainly concerned with identifying target markets, domestic and foreign capabilities and international actors that DCH provides to you esteemed customers. Some of these services include: :

1- Identifying and reporting on export target markets and their access requirements

2- Identifying foreign companies active in export target markets

3- Identifying Iranian companies active in export target markets

4- Identify and evaluate the export readiness of Iranian companies to the target market

5- Preparation of Proposal for Services to Iranian Companies

6- Conducting Case Marketing Research


2- Executive:

Executive services provided by DCH in some of the target countries are:

1- Offer export target market and introduce foreign partners

2. Holding negotiations (product, price, payment, etc.) and contracting

3. Company registration consulting, patent, trademark, and intellectual property rights protection

4. Obtain the required licenses and certificates

5- Preparation of product matching program with export target market

6- Financing, insurance coverage and currency transfers

7. Export process documentation

8. Activity as an export unit of Iranian companies


3- Marketing:

DCH External Marketing Professional Services include:

1- Specialized international marketing services, to promote exports and increase foreign sales

2- Internet marketing

3- Market research (cross-border specialized marketing research)

4- Marketing and face-to-face negotiations

5. Media advertising

6- In-person sales call

7- Telephone marketing


4- Distribution:

As its name implies, delivering the product to the customer is at different points, and distribution systems can be a key factor in the success or failure of the product, and accordingly our company and organization.


5- Market and market:

DCH, a commercial-export company, offers its business and marketing support to any business and business activist who avoids any investment without market research. Identify market needs and future trends with respect to competing suppliers and time analysis, cost of import and clearance, assurance of external suppliers and quality analysis and attention to pre-purchase inspections from overseas. Assist in import and export.


6- Clearance:

Shipment of your goods to any port or customs office in any country of the world must be cleared for entry into that country. What is different is the customs laws and regulations of each country that can be somewhat different. Customs regulations may even be different in two ports in the same country. Therefore having expertise, experience and clearance information for exporting goods is very important.​