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DCH Trading - Export Company

DCH Ceramic Tile Trading Co., has been operating since 1997 in the field of sales and distribution of ceramic tiles. DCH company with its experienced and specialized personnel, trained based in Yazd (Central Ceramic Tile of Iran) and continued to use technology, information and communication technology as well as e-commerce and has always been active in market recognition and marketing. Targeted distribution and sales of reputable brands and familiar names in the field of ceramic tiles. The ultimate goal of this business is to satisfy customers and provide timely sales and delivery services to esteemed retailers and consumers. It is our hope that together with our supporters we will achieve this important and valuable goal.

Chevy Desert Company


DCH Trading & Export Company has set up integrated management system in order to follow the path of sustainable development and prove the organization’s commitment to respect the rights of customers, employees and community members, and to achieve this goal in the following goals. Is :

  1. Adherence to customer orientation principle and increase customer satisfaction.
  2. Compliance with DCH Company Standards and Rules Requirements
  3. Continuous improvement of system performance and increase of competitive ability of the company in domestic and foreign markets.
  4. Design, create, deploy and maintain an integrated management system based on standards: ISO9001 : 2008 , ISO14001 : 2004 , OHSAS 18001 : 2007
  5. Increase product diversity
  6. Increasing the level of safety of employees and all stakeholders and promoting the safety and health of the workplace.
  7. Striving for employment and promotion of knowledge and expertise of human resources
  8. Increase productivity through the diligent efforts of managers and employees
  9. Optimal use of energy sources and prevention of waste of resources
Chevy Desert Company


The company will export to different countries with the aim of assisting the export of ceramic tile export, acceptable volume of wall tiles and floor tiles. Target markets of DCH Export-Export Trading Company: Export of tiles to Iraq, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Armenia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Nigeria, Dubai and …

Our Mission

We provide business services to sell our products in the domestic and overseas markets with a customer-centric approach to create a competitive advantage with quality, speed and reasonable price, and we do so by relying on professional ethics and trust in dealing with We realize customers and suppliers and value human capital.


– Our goal is to create a company that is not a gap between what is being said and what is being done.

– Adhere to moral principles and spiritual attributes under all circumstances.

– We regard the courtesy, courtesy, justice and fairness as the key to the company’s survival.

– We recognize order, fitness, punctuality and readiness to provide service from the context of our excellence and company, so we are dominating the social discipline and conscience of the workplace and consider this to be a key factor in increasing productivity. .

Company employees are considered as the most valuable resources. Therefore, we do not doubt their influence, behavior, and behavior in all aspects, and their restraint, truthfulness, honesty, and patience are valuable merits. So, we will do our utmost to strengthen these features.

– We seek to identify the needs and expectations of our customers and meet their needs and ultimately we want to go beyond their expectations.

– We strive for understanding and trust between staff and customers and will make no effort to do so.

– Adorned appearance increases the self-esteem, respect and vitality of our colleagues and clients and is of particular importance to us.

– Timing is precious, we value our time and our customers and avoid delays.

– We know the culture of being responsive to customers from the axes of our excellence and company.

– We are proud to work for DCH and strive to balance work and family life.

– We consider the accuracy, accuracy and speed of work in the process.

– We aim to provide better (higher) quality services.

– Accept the opinions of our customers and improve their service by evaluating their satisfaction.

– We are diligent in upgrading quality, adherence to safety, workplace health and environmental regulations.

– Establish and continue the technical and economic attitude of the organization as an important organizational feature.

– It is not enough just to satisfy our customers, we are looking for lasting trust and satisfaction from our customers.

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